Mackinac Bridge

UTR-Webmaster Episode 506

The Tip Top of The Mitten. Right where I75 hits the water.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go to the very top of the suspension towers on the Mackinac Bridge. Well, I haven’t … but the guys are gonna make me go up there and find out. I’m kinda ascared !!!

That’s right … Jim & Eric made arrangements … and THEN told me what we were about to do … and that’s travel by ladder and tiny elevator to the top of the bridge’s south tower. Not a feet for the week of heart, mind or stomach … Well, that’s three strikes for me … but there was no way I was getting out of this one. So, before I took the steep steps into the stratosphere. I thought I’d best check in with Bob Sweeney at the bridge authority for some basic bridge talk.

Well, after stalling for as long as I could (and calling my wife to tell her where I think I left the remote) we took a way less than little elevator and lots and lots of ladders to the very top, opened the hatch, and there we were, “gulp’ high above the straight of Mackinaw.

The word wow … doesn’t even begging to describe either the view or the feeling you get when you step out onto this small platform. And, I can’t even begin to tell you what an extraordinary experience this is. You’re standing on a platform no bigger than an average patio with just a waist high railing between you and the hereafter.

Climbing to the top of the mighty Mackinac Bridge was an incredibly scary and exhilarating experience all at the same time, and it really gave me a deep appreciation for the true majesty of this incredible monument to man’s ingenuity.

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