M1 Concourse

UTR-Webmaster Episode 613

(248) 259-0053
164 South Blvd W, Pontiac, MI 48341

If you’re a car person … get ready to make a pilgrimage to Pontiac … cuz the ultimate place to press your pedal to the medal just got made …. and the track … is hot !

Proudly named after America’s first highway, M1 Concourse is a brand new world-class motorsport facility (destination) that’s the ultimate place to drive, store, maintain, collect, eat and even live with your cars … and it’s right here in Pontiac. This place is a dream come true for auto heads who’ve been looking for a way to take their love of high performance cars to the next level.

And the person who leveled 87 acres to make this dream track a reality is daredevil developer Brad Oleshansky …

This place gets more exciting with every lap … heck … I got so excited … I talked them into letting me wave the checkered flag … and after a brief lesson in Tom-flaggery … I think I waved it wonderfully …

Look … if cars are your thing … I ‘thing’ you better hit the gas and head to M1 Concourse … It’s a world class Michigan made motor mecca that’s helping put Pontiac … back on a fast track.

Well, we came to Pontiac … lived it … loved it … and are sorry to leave it … but honestly … aren’t you glad we brought you along? Sure you are !!!

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