Lyman’s on the Lake Bait & Tackle

UTR-Webmaster Episode 112

(989) 422-3231
6560 W. Houghton Lake Dr., Houghton Lake, MI 48629

If you’re actually going to Tip-up Town to fish, Lyman’s on the Lake Bait & Tackle has everything you need for a successful day on the ice. I spent some quality time learning the ins and outs of ice fishing with Lyman. He’s the real deal. And even though he was polite, I think he knew right away that I wouldn’t be pulling anything out of the ice that day. Except maybe a frosty cold adult malted beverage.

When all was said and done, not only did I have a totally different perception of what this event is really all about, the crew and I had a winter blast. Tip-up Town truly does have something for everyone, and that, by the way, includes you.

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