Leon & LuLu

UTR-Webmaster Episode 711

96 W 14 Mile Rd, Clawson, MI 48017

If you’re wondering what’s cool in Clawson these days … well, lots … but the first thing we did when we got to town was check in with Leon & Lulu. And therefore you will too.

Leon and Lulu is a cool and funky lifestyle store where you’ll find everything you need to make you and your abode extra awesome. It’s actually more than a store … it’s a destination that’s become a sensation for people who have an eye for fun and interesting furniture, clothing and one of a kind accessories. Another cool thing about this eclectic collection is that it sits in a fully restored vintage roller-skating rink. Just walking into the place is a genuine experience.

Mary Liz Curtin is the heart, soul and sense of humor at Leon & Lulu. She’s also one of the kindest and most creative people to ever open doors to the public.

Trust me … just walking into this place pretty much guarantees you be walking in again … it’s that cool. So next time you caravan to Clawson, feel free to congregate with other creative consumers at Leon & Lulu. Whether you buy something or not … they’ll love you for it.

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