Le Chenaux Culinary School

UTR-Webmaster Episode 702

(906) 484-4800
186 S Pickford Ave, Hessel, MI 49745

Well you were probably wondering when we’d get around to food … well fear not my UTR food enthusiasts … just follow me.

We’re at the Les Cheneaux Culinary School in Hessel. A relatively new place that’s making waves on land with its fresh, unique and tasty approach to the art and education of food. It’s part school … part restaurant … and all things edible.

Zach Schroeder is the Program Director and Executive Chef … and he’s dedicated his life to the love of learning about food.

Sure, you already know ‘we’ love to find good food, but who are these kids who’ve decided to find their careers here?

Ya know … it fills my heart when I see motivated young people who are passionate about their pursuit … it’s even better when that pursuit is something that also fills my stomach. Bonus ! So, next time you enjoy an exceptional meal “out” … think about the great work they’re doing “up” here in the UP.

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