La Taqueria San Jose

UTR-Webmaster Episode 503, Episode 603

1338 S. Division Ave. Grand Rapids, MI 49507

If you like food from below the border that’s the real deal, sometimes you gotta go under the radar to find out where the locals eat. And you know us …. We totally found it.

Juan Barajas owns and operates La Taqueria San Jose, and if you’re looking for a raw, real, authentic and genuine Mexican taco … you came to the right place. There’s no frills here … just an honest and sincere family making some of the best food on this side of any border. The only thing American about this food are the people eating it. Juan does everything the way he learned back home in Mexico. And lucky for us … he now makes his home right here in Grand Rapids.

And not only is Juan’s whole family wonderful … they’re brave too. His daughter Mayra actually let ‘me’ in the kitchen.

We had an absolute blast while we ate some of the best tacos we can remember … as a mater of fact … we liked them so much, we remembered to come back for lunch the very next day. If you wanna know what a real taco tastes like … you’ll want to come to La Taqueria San Jose real soon. Cause these tacos are real good. Really !!!!

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