La Dolce Vita

UTR-Webmaster Episode 610

(313) 865-0331
17546 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48203

We all have an inner Italian just waiting to get out, enjoy life and celebrate great food … well, mine got out and brought me straight up Woodward to this place. He’s a real good aboy!

Just north of six mile on the east side of Woodward and tucked away in Palmer Park is what Italians would call “a little slice of heaven.” Now, you may drive by it a few times before you see it … but once you find it … you’ll never forget it. La Dolce Via is the real deal when it comes to genuine Italian cuisine. And if you want atmosphere … this place is more romantic than red sauce, and offers something Italians perfected … garden dining.

Now, before I start repeatedly uttering the phrase “please pass the pasta” … I thought it best to find out how this slice of Italy has eluded my personal pizza for so long. So my inner Italian and I sat down with owner Rico Rosselli.

Rico was one of the most genuine and gracious hosts we’ve ever encountered on UTR. He sat us down … filled us up … and shared story after story about his fascinating life and love for people.

So, next time “your” inner Italian gets out … don’t worry … just hop in the car and head to La Dolce Vita, cause that’s where he or she will probably be … and who knows … maybe it’s even there turn to buy. Bonus !