Kids’ Food Basket

UTR-Webmaster Episode 318

(616) 235-4532
2055 Oak Industrial Dr., Grand Rapids, MI 49505

What kind of people would work hard for hours every day to help feed hungry kids? I’ll tell ya what kind of people. My kind of people!

No matter where you live in the world, it seems there are always hungry kids not too far away. But thanks to one woman’s dream and the hard work of dedicated and caring volunteers, that’s changing real fast in Grand Rapids.

More than ten years ago, Mary K. Hoodhood heard a story, saw a need and knew she had to do something about it. So she started an organization called Kids’ Food Basket.

It all started when a friend of Mary K. saw a little girl behind a school searching for something to eat out of a trash dumpster. After hearing the story and having a good cry, Mary K. stocked her kitchen and started making sack suppers for kids that she would give out after school each day so hungry kids in need would have a meal that evening.

Now more than a decade later, Mary K. has assembled an army of caring volunteers who deliver over five thousand handmade, healthy meals every single day. These meals help kids grow, live and learn better at school and ultimately will make a better society for all of us.

You can tell how many caring people live in the Grand Rapids area just by looking around at Kids’ Food Basket. Every volunteer autographs the walls there as a sign of solidarity to end childhood hunger. And every sack supper that goes out is covered with loving messages from other school kids who are more fortunate. A lot of healthy food goes into every sack supper, but the main ingredient is love and that’s what’ll change the world.

If you live near Grand Rapids, I suggest you volunteer a few days at Kids’ Food Basket. It will open your eyes and fill your heart with hope. If you live elsewhere, help feed some hungry kids near you.