John Ball Zoo

UTR-Webmaster Episode 503

(616) 336-4300
1300 Fulton Street West, Grand Rapids, MI 49504

If you’re looking for a place where you can learn about the natural world you … there’s no better place than the zoo. And, this is a great one !!!!

Just west of downtown Grand Rapids you’ll find one of the coolest zoos this side of the jungle. The John Ball Zoo combines a modern approach to caring for animals with a rich history of giving back to this great community. The zoo also sits high atop some beautiful hills that overlook the city.

Up top we discovered one of the coolest habitats for man or beast. The forest environment you walk through up here is very cool. And After a bit of goofing around (you know me) Brenda got me up close and personal with one of my favorite creatures.

Our morning at the zoo really was an awesome experience. So, if you want to learn more about the animals that inhabit this planet … inhabit your car and plan a family expedition to the John Ball Zoo.

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