Joe’s Pizzeria American and Italian Restaurant

UTR-Webmaster Episode 105

(989) 738-8711
8725 Lake St., Port Austin, MI 48467

After a long day of extreme kayaking, there’s nothing like an Italian pizza, hand tossed by an authentic Italian. So we went straight to Joe’s Pizzeria American and Italian Restaurant. It’s casual, comfortable and a lot of fun. Owner Sal Cucchiara is the real deal. He came to Port Austin thirty years ago straight from Italy and brought all his pizza-tossing skills with him. If you’re wondering why Joe’s Pizzeria is owned by a guy named Sal, I’ll tell you exactly what he told me. After a quick wink, he said, “Believe me, you don’t wanna know.”

Sal and his wife Maria are absolutely wonderful people who bend over backwards to make sure your meal is exactly the way you want it. They’re so nice, they even let me back in the kitchen to toss some dough. I made a mess, got flour in my eye and had a blast. They don’t only serve pizza; they’ve got a full menu that will fill you up. If you want good old fashioned Italian (and American) home style cooking, get to Joe’s and get to eatin’. Just make sure to bring some green, because last time I was there, it was cash or check only.