Joe’s Hamburgers

UTR-Webmaster Episode 113, Episode 309

(734) 285-0420
3041 Biddle Ave., Wyandotte, MI 48192

Now here’s a culinary concoction that’s so uniquely American, they don’t even try to make it in other parts of the world. On the surface of the grill, it seems pretty simple, but if you really do it right, it’s an art form, and in Wyandotte, I think I found a masterpiece. I’m of course talking about sliders, and at Joe’s Hamburgers, owner Jeremy Sladovnik practices the fine art of preparing this true American delicacy.

Jeremy went to Motz Hamburgers in Detroit, had a slider, fell in love, asked the owner Bob Milosavljevski (don’t say it out loud; you’ll hurt yourself) how he did it, got a quick lesson and decided to fire up a grill and throw down downriver. He opened his own place, named it after his super cool Grandpa Joe and has been grilling ever since.

The burgers at Joe’s Hamburgers aren’t just good. They’re %#$%^% great! He’s taken the slider joint to a whole new level with savory selections like the spicy Jalapeno Joe and a huge burger simply called The Chubby. He even serves deep fried pickles and Twinkies, and get this: when Jeremy was in Canada playing junior hockey, he learned to make the brown gravy-covered French delicacy, poutine. Sounds weird, looks messy, tastes incredible.

Jeremy is really making a name for himself in the burger world, and it couldn’t happen to a nicer person. Ten minutes with this guy and you’re best buddies. He’s genuine, sincere, an amazingly funny person and has a heart of gold. If you’re looking for a messy, mouthwatering meal at a great Michigan place, check out Joe’s Hamburgers.