Jiffy Mix / Chelsea Milling Company

UTR-Webmaster Episode 310

(734) 475-1361
201 W. North St., Chelsea, MI 48118

What do you get when you mix flour, eggs, sugar and salt? Another great Michigan company, that’s what. The Chelsea Milling Company is a true American icon, and I honestly had no idea that the Jiffy Mix our entire country grew up on was made right in the heart of downtown Chelsea. Let’s face it, that little blue box is in almost every kitchen cupboard in America.

For 120 years Howdy Holmes’ family has been milling flour in Chelsea. His great grandfather started the company, and it was his very own Grandmother Mabel who invented and named the prepared Jiffy Mix that we all still use today. Up until that time, all baking was done from scratch, so having a pre-prepared baking mix in the cupboard was a liberating thing for anyone who had to prepare daily meals. Today, the Chelsea Milling Company brings quality and affordable baking mixes to the masses all around the world.

Howdy took us on a personal tour of the plant, and we were amazed. Not only by how cool all the machines were or how many people they employ, but by the fact that 1.6 million little blue boxes of Jiffy Mix come out of this mill every single day. If you’d like a tour of the factory, be sure to call ahead, because they do it by reservation only.

So next time you take that little blue box of Jiffy Mix out of the cupboard, think of Howdy, Chelsea and me. Well, skip me. You don’t wanna spoil your appetite.