Java Joe’s

UTR-Webmaster Episode 304, Episode 505

(906) 643-5282
959 N. State St., Saint Ignace, MI 49781

If there’s anything about St. Ignace you want to know, the place to go is Java Joe’s. Java Joe’s is a tuned-in, turned-on, psychedelic little café with great coffee and excellent food, and it’s run by two of the most interesting and energized people you’ll ever meet. Joe and Sandy Durm make this place go, go and then go some more. Just walking into this place is a trip. It’s an explosion of color, content and creative stuff, and Sandy’s wild collection of themed tea pots will amaze and delight you. All available for purchase… bonus!

As for Joe, he is such an interesting and intelligent character that I don’t even know where to start. He’s politically active, socially stimulating, philosophically fascinating and will tell you everything you need, want and should know about the area. Whether you agree with him or not, you have to respect the man’s integrity and mental stamina. He’s great fun to talk to, and he and Sandy are two of the nicest people you will even encounter.

If you want great food in a comfortable, casual, cozy and crazy environment, or you just need to know where in St. Ignace to go, it’s all at Java Joe’s. Don’t ’cha know?

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