Japanese Cultural Center

UTR-Webmaster Episode 302

(989) 759-1648
527 Ezra Rust Dr., Saginaw, MI 48601

As much as I love Michigan, I’ve always wanted to visit Japan. But honestly, who can afford that? So we did the next best thing: we went to the Japanese Cultural Center in Saginaw. It’s a beautiful place that’s all things Japan. The grounds there are beautiful, peaceful and a wonderful place to just stroll and collect your thoughts.

The temples and the tea house there were built by three specially trained Japanese carpenters who came in from Kyoto more than twenty-five years ago. The interior of the teahouse was amazingly constructed without the use of even one nail. It was assembled by these master carpenters using specially jointed pieces of wood.

I wanted to steep myself in the culture, so I decided to participate in a real Japanese tea ceremony. The ceremony was fascinating. The costumes were beautiful and the tea was authentic. If you’re into experiencing different cultures or just need a reason to come explore Saginaw, check out the Japanese Cultural Center. You’ll think you’re turning Japanese. I really think so.

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