Jamaican Fenton’s Jerk Chicken

UTR-Webmaster Episode 711

28811 Northwestern Hwy, Southfield, MI 48034

If you’ve ever been to Jamaica you know that they have a very distinctive dish there called Jerk Chicken … and I love it. But, since I’m never much in the mood to leave Michigan, I thought I’d show you where you can get the real deal … right here.

Welcome to Jamaican Fenton’s Jerk Chicken Restaurant … a casual corner where you can feast on all the creative cuisine from this Caribbean country. Now, if you’ve never had food from Jamaica before, it’s fun, flavorful … and full of island slices. You can either eat here at the restaurant, or take it home, add a little rum & reggae … and you’ll feel like you’re right back on the beech.

Fenton Brown is the authentic islander who owns this Jamaican inspired joint … and even though he serves up a fantastic Jerk Chicken … he’s a real nice guy!

Now it was time to go inside and see Fenton perform the rest of his Jamaican magic.

The whole time we were there folks were lined up to enjoy these island inspired eats. If your edible endeavors are stuck in a rut … jump in the car and jam on down to Jamaican Fenton’s Jerk Chicken Restaurant. It’s a tropical treat that’s a whole lotta fun to eat. Irie irie!

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