Jackson Union Rail Station

UTR-Webmaster Episode 311

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501 E. Michigan Ave., Jackson, MI 49201

Driving there is easy enough, but there’s a great reason to take the train. Jackson Union Station will take you back to a time when your choice was either the train or some sort of four-legged land mammal. It’s a classic structure that will take your mind way back in time.

Lead Station Agent Brian Karhoff has spent five decades keeping this travel treasure in tack, and he gave me a tour of the station that really opened my eyes to its importance to this region. It’s a landmark that has helped supply and settle this part of Michigan, and it has also seen multiple generations go off to and return from war. It’s the historic gateway to this city, and preserving it is so very important.

Now an Amtrak station, ir was originally built in 1841, rebuilt in 1872 by the Michigan Central Railroad and in 2002 was added to the National Register of Historic Places. Even if you don’t take the train to Jackson, the Union Station is totally worth a visit. It’s a great place to experience a little bit of Michigan’s great railroad history.

If you’re a fan of authentic West Texas style barbeque and you live in Michigan, you probably thought you were plum out-a-luck. Well, in Jackson, Michigan, your luck just changed.