Detroit Food Academy

UTR-Webmaster Episode 807

(313) 855-5052
8838 3rd Ave, Detroit, MI 48202

You know there’s a lot of ways you can change a young person’s life … but when you can do it with food … it’s a great recipe for success !

And that’s exactly what the Detroit Food Academy is doing. Teaching high school kids to source fresh food, cook, dream and build a promising future.

Jen Rusciano had an idea … found a dedicated, caring and enthusiastic crew … and set out to enlighten minds … one culinary kid at a time.

Both the facilitators and young people who participate in this program get so much out of it. Just ask Yolanda Scarborough … I did.

The Detroit Food Academy is using the culinary arts to help kids develop a social consciousness, become more confident and self-aware, and as a bonus, eat better too.

They’re preparing kids for the future and healthy food all at the same time … and from a UTR perspective … you can’t do better than that.