Hunter House Burgers

UTR-Webmaster Episode 308

(248) 646-7121
35075 Woodward Ave., Birmingham, MI 48009

If you’re cruising down Woodward Avenue in Birmingham and you suddenly smell the seductive scent of sliders, it’s not your imagination. You’re passing the legendary Hunter House. For sixty years, this iconic burger bungalow has served up classic sliders for all to enjoy. Susan Cobb’s family has kept Hunter House humming for three decades now. Her family has owned Hunter House for literally half of its existence, and as she put it, “It’s an honor to continue this tradition.” The customers are so devoted and loyal that even when they move away, it’s the first stop they make when they come home and the last stop they make before they leave.

You can just imagine what it must have been like back in the day with classic cars of the 50s and 60s rolling in and out of there. Susan told us that nothing has changed from those glory days, not even the burger recipe. She did divulge that other than the grind of the meat and the type of onions they use, the grill cook is the key to a great slider. And at Hunter House, these grill cooks are black belt level in my book.

We came, we saw and we chowed. After all, isn’t that what a slider diner’s all about? All I can say is Hunter House hit the spot.

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