UTR-Webmaster Episode 104

(906) 228-9577
153 W. Washington St., Marquette, MI, 49855

Our next stop was called Hotplate, a cool, colorful and eclectic paint-your-own-pottery studio that’s bringing the whole community together. You go there to connect and share, and while you’re there, express yourself on cups, plates, wall hangings—you name it. It’s an absolute blast, and the staff there will totally bring out the artist in you. They also offer the art of glass fusing, and you can even purchase pieces created right there.

Owner Sue Kensington is the Hotplate lady, and she has more creative and positive energy than anyone I’ve ever met. You feel inspired just talking to her. She and I sat together and designed a UTR plate that, in spite of my lack of even one artistic eye, came out awesome. This is a place that’s great for kids, adults and anyone who wants to relax, express and create. Their mantra is, “We take your good times seriously,” and it’s absolutely true. Even if you think you have absolutely no artistic ability, when you leave Hotplate, you will. You’ll also feel better about yourself, and that’s priceless.

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