Hotel Hickman’s Chuckwagon BBQ

UTR-Webmaster Episode 802

(734) 646-6261
8050 Main St, Dexter, MI 48130

Well, get ready for a heppin helping of hospitality, cuz at Hotel Hickman Chuckwagon BBQ … it’s all about bringing the old west into the new millennium. And that includes some brazen BBQ and a selection of savory sides.

Scott Thomas is the proud proprietor at Hotel Hickman … and if you come hungry, he’ll make sure you leave happy and heavy!

This place is all about big. Big flavors … big helpings … big characters … big smokers … and that’s right … Big Ed !!!

well far be it for this authentic cowboy to turn down some authentic barbecue, and boy, they brought out enough for the whole posse, and our horses too…

Just look at all these happy folks chowin down on this bona fide BBQ. Makes ya feel good all over don’t it?