Horton Bay General Store

UTR-Webmaster Episode 713

(231) 582-7827
5115 Boyne City Rd, Boyne City, MI 49712

You know usually when we tell you about a great historic place where you can shop, eat and sleep … we’re talking about an entire town. Well, this time it’s a general store that’s that … and a whole lot more.

If walls could talk, this place would be a prolific purveyor of the past. There’s more history and folklore here than you can shake a time machine at. The Horton Bay General Store in Boyne City goes all the way back to 1876 and has been an important part of this entire area. Today it’s a store downstairs … a bed & breakfast upstairs … and a tavern in the back where you can tell tall tales and even get some great food. What more can you ask of your local general store.

Chip Lorenger is the owner of this Michigan treasure, and for over 15 years he’s helped keep what ha calls “the old girl” going.

The Horton Bay General Store is a living, breathing part of Michigan’s past that continues to make new history everyday. The great thing is … you can come here and be a part of it.

Who knows … in a hundred years someone could be sitting right here telling tall tale about you. That could be scary !