Holland House Candles

UTR-Webmaster Episode 412

12350 James St., Holland, MI 49424

Ya know … if you asked me a week ago if decorative candles were my thing … I probably would have said no … but after seeing these candles … I cant wait to light one up.

Now usually a candle is well, just a candle … but if you want a luminary that’s literally a wax work of art, Holland House Candles is ‘the’ place to light it up. Valerie Nichols and her husband Bill have developed a variety of incredible candles that are so unique, they’ve even got a federal trademark. These hand crafted, artisan candles are made one at a time, and shipped all over the world. Valerie, along with black belt candle master Celeste Smith gave me a quick lesson in the meticulous methods behind these marvelous candles.

Now usually you have to apprentice for well over a year before you can competently carve one of these creative candles correctly … but you know me … I’m pretty much good at everything.

Well, when all was said … and my candle was carved … I’ll be honest … mine didn’t look half bad … it looked completely bad. But just trying gave me real appreciation for the amount of training and concentration that goes into every one of these masterpieces. If you want to light up a room, buy a regular candle. But, if you want to watch ‘people’ light up when they walk into a room … Holland House Candles – have no match … except of course the one you use to light it with.

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