Historic Barn Tour – Romeo Historic Society

UTR-Webmaster Episode 607

(586) 752-4111
290 N Main St, Romeo, MI 48065

When it comes to good old fashion barns, America’s has a love affair with these classic structures for more that two hundred years now. There’s just something legendary and romantic about these utilitarian yet majestic structures. We all love them … and we love to look at’em.

Then there are those rare individuals who love them so much … they take these historic structures … get creative … and make them a part of who they are. And every year on the Romeo Historical Society’s Barn Tour … you get to meet these people … and experience their unique barns.

This fun and fascinating tour took us all around Romeo. And not only did we see some incredibly creative barns … we met some absolutely awesome and proud people.

So, who knows … someday you might wanna buy a barn … and your gonna need some ideas … and there’s no better way to see what you might do than The Romeo Historic Society’s Yearly Barn Tour. Believe me … after the tour … you’ll wanna live in a barn too.

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