Hermann’s European Café

UTR-Webmaster Episode 102

(231) 775-9563
214 N. Mitchell St., Cadillac, MI 49601

What we found was Hermann’s European Café. Now get this: it’s a gourmet restaurant, a casual deli where the locals meet, an expert butcher shop, a fantastic wine shop, and upstairs from all of this is a four-star, European-style hotel.

If you’re wondering how this concentrated slice of European culture came to downtown Cadillac, it’s all the doing of Chef Hermann Suhs. Chef Hermann lives by the motto, “You’re only as good as your last meal.” He’s an incredibly bigger-than-life personality with an absolutely fascinating history. He was born and raised near Vienna, Austria, spent five years as an apprentice to learn his trade and got his first certificate in a Vienna Konditorei Shop, where he learned European and Viennese pastries. Next he apprenticed in the famous Hotel Sacher in Vienna with the finest European Master Chefs. From Vienna, he cooked his way around the world. In Sweden, he earned his Master Chef certificate. In Nepal, he was Executive Chef at the Hotel Annapurna and also served as a personal chef to the King of Nepal. He’s worked in Thailand and in the Caribbean Islands, giving his international dishes a rare authenticity.

I actually had the chance to cook with Chef Hermann, and this guy is the real deal. He’s a chef in the truest sense of the word and an absolute old-world gentleman. All his establishments on the block are impeccable and his staff first rate. Hermann’s Hotel is right upstairs from all his shops and is awesome as well. The rooms are very European in flavor and way convenient. There aren’t many places in Michigan where can you dine in a gourmet restaurant and then climb the stairs to spend a luxurious night.

If a ticket to Europe looks a little steep to you right now, give Cadillac and Hermann’s a try. Not only will it be way cheaper, they speak Michigan there. Bonus!

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