Herman Miller

UTR-Webmaster Episode 319

Zeeland, MI 49464

How did a furniture company in West Michigan become one of the most innovative designers and manufacturers in the entire world? Just ask Herman Miller. If you thought Herman Miller just made chairs… well, yeah they do… but they’ve also helped pioneer the way we work and live for over a hundred years now. When it comes to creative design, they find and make some of the very best.

Herman Miller is one of the most progressive, admired and celebrated companies in the entire world, and they’re right here in Michigan. Over one hundred years ago they started off as a small furniture company, and over the years they’ve become one of the world’s most innovative designers of spaces and places where we work and live. Herman Miller has also pioneered and developed some of the most progressive ideas in ways to keep their production facilities green and worker-friendly.

Even though Herman Miller has a global footprint, they stay right here in Michigan because of our talented people and great natural resources. They’ve rethought and redesigned the modern work space and are responsible for many of us being more productive and comfortable while getting the job done.

So if you’re looking for yet another reason to be proud of Michigan, think about Herman Miller. I guarantee they’re thinking about ways to make you more comfortable as we speak.

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