Heritage Guitars

UTR-Webmaster Episode 708

225 Parsons Street, Kalamazoo MI 49001

If you love guitars, history and Michigan … here’s a place you probably already know about … but, if you don’t know about it… fear not … because you’re about to find out right now.

I’m talking about Heritage Guitars … and if guitars could talk … this is a story they’d love to tell. In 1896 Orville Gibson started building guitars on this site in Kalamazoo, and when Gibson Guitars decided to relocated to Nashville in 1984 … and hand full master craftsmen stayed on … pulled up their guitar straps … and started producing some of the finest instruments ever to hold six strings. And to this day … they’re using many of the same machines and methods.

After a fun and absolutely fascinating tour of the factory … I was lucky enough to sit down with Pete Farmer for a cool and complete Heritage history lesson …

I’m tellin ya … we met some awesome and very talented folks at Heritage. So, even if you never intend to pick up a guitar … The Heritage Guitar Factory is a fascinating place to check out … who knows … you might even become a virtuoso like me … by “virtuoso”, I mean at playing air guitar!