Heidleberg Project

UTR-Webmaster Episode 510

(313) 974-6894
3600 Heidelberg St, Detroit, MI 48207

The Heidelberg Project. This two block ever-changing art environment all started back in 1986 when renown local artist Tyree Guyton decided to help express this tattered community’s hopes and dreams by turning found objects and abandoned homes into an explosion of artistic colors and concepts. Now the Heidelberg Project features community programs and educational workshops that all promote positive energy, art and a sense of community.

Oneita gave me her own personal and passionate tour … and even showed me two of the dots she painted in support of the project. The ultimate goal is for this neighborhood to eventually become an actual self-sustaining art village where Detroit kids can grow, learn and love their fellow man. If you’re looking for a cool and colorful Detroit adventure … or even an artistic way to express your love for this great city, contact the Heidelberg Project … they’ll tap into all the positive energy you can give.