Harry’s Place

UTR-Webmaster Episode 612

(517) 484-9661
404 N Verlinden Ave, Lansing, MI 48915

Now, what if I told you you could get a great olive burger surrounded by great people at a great neighborhood place in a great city what would you say … I thought so …. SWELL !!!

Now when it comes to a great neighborhood watering hole where you can rub elbows with the locals … I’m all about that. But when it comes to a great olive burger … well, I ain’t never even had one … so a little birdie told me that to get a big bite of both … go to Harry’s Place.

For three generations, Harry’s has been holding down a friendly fort and serving up liberal libations and awesome edibles … including this mythical, magical and mouth watering olive burger I hear tell about.

Harea Bates and her Farter Art have spent decades turning ‘this’ place into ‘the’ place everyone wants to be ….

Conversation with Harea and Art bout history – the olive burger etc.

How friendly’s the family of folks who frequent Harry’s Place … get ready … cuz they’re about to tell ya . …

Harry’s really is a great place to go for friendly folks, fantastic food, sensational spirits … oh … and the ever popular olive burger. Just don’t be surprised if the next time you go back … everyone knows your name.

And don’t be surprised if you fall in love with Lansing … I mean where else can you go for a spirited spin with Michigan’s finest ‘and’ have this much fun finding a new furry friend. I love Lansing more … every time I go.