Hansen Foods

UTR-Webmaster Episode 306, Episode 707

(231) 873-2826
3750 W. Polk Rd., Hart, MI 49420

We heard a strange tale about an awesome specialty grocery store called Hansen Foods in a cool little town called Hart. The owner of this store was said to be a sausage making mad-man, and people told us that if you ask him nicely, he’ll even cook up the sausage for you right there on the spot. Well, at UTR, we love food fables like this, so we found the store and met this mythical man of meat.

Around those parts, they call Dave Hansen the “Homemade Sausage King.” They also call him Dave… go figure. If you like gourmet, handmade, artisan sausage, Dave is your royal highness. Sure, he and his family own a great grocery store, but in his spare time, Dave’s in the back coming up with some of the most unusual and tasty tube treats you’ll find anywhere. From his signature asparagus sausage to his beer-filled “meat and potato” brats, I guarantee you’ll find at least a half dozen to love. He makes over thirty different kinds.

We came, we saw, we helped make some sausages, we helped eat some sausages and King Dave sent us on our way with more brats than you could shake a mustard bottle at. You know us; those brats never made it home.

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