Hamtown Farms

UTR-Webmaster Episode 321

9100 Lumpkin St., Hamtramck, MI 48212

Hamtown Farms is an actual urban farm that sits right next to Kowalski Sausage in the heart of Hamtramck. They grow fresh food there, but they also do a lot more for the people who love to live there.

Michael Davis is the urban visionary who started the farm, and he, Julie Swartz and Jeffrey Doe are growing more than just food… they’re growing a better neighborhood. Nothing brings a neighborhood together better than a community farm. People can meet, share ideas, plant food, create a sense of place in their town and the best part: eat healthier foods.

The entire town of Hamtramck vigorously supports what’s happening at Hamtown Farms. Even the local fire department helps out by stopping by a few days a week to water the garden with a fire hose. Hamtown Farms is just one of the things that will give Hamtramck a brighter future.

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