Hack Ma Tack Inn

UTR-Webmaster Episode 106

(231) 625-2919
8131 Beebe Rd., Cheboygan, MI 49721

Our last stop in Cheboygan was kind of hard to say and a little hard to find, but once we found it, we knew we were in the right place. It’s a real hidden treasure called Hack-Ma-Tack. Built almost 120 years ago, Hack-Ma-Tack was originally a hunting and fishing lodge, but now it’s an incredible gourmet restaurant and inn. The four-story bell tower on the building was actually used back in the day to call hunters in for supper.

Believe me, this place is magical. It’s an old-school, retro hunting lodge that feels right, and artists from around the country have contributed to the incredible atmosphere. It has an upscale hunting and fishing motif featuring everything from canoes suspended overhead to funky lamps and fascinating artifacts from historic hunts. The name Hack-Ma-Tack is actually a Native American word for the tamarack tree, which is the wood used in its construction.

The inn sits on the banks of the Cheboygan river and features five hundred feet of dock space where boaters float up, tie up and sit down to an outstanding meal. The food at Hack-Ma-Tack is a big part of why this place has become a family tradition. It’s classic American fare done right. You’ll find delectable dishes like Great Lakes whitefish almondine and their signature slow-roasted prime rib. Classic food in a classic setting. Hack-Ma-Tack is seasonal, so please call ahead or check their website.

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