Groovebox Studios

UTR-Webmaster Episode 313

(313) 444-8980
1604 Clay Ave., Detroit, MI 48221

If you’re an aspiring musician or band and you’re looking for a box to put your groove in, have we got a place for you. Groovebox Studios is in the heart of Detroit’s rustic Russell Industrial Center, and it’s a place that helps artists from all over get their careers off the ground. Jeff Wenzel and Shawn Neal are band-mates who turned their frustration with the endless maze of the music industry into a pretty ingenious way to help other musicians.

At Groovebox Studios, if you’ve got what it takes and you want to take your music career to the next level, they can definitely help. Groovebox is a production studio alright, but it’s a whole lot more. Sure, Jeff and Shawn will record your band and even shoot a professional video for you, but here’s where Groovebox goes the extra mile. They’ll also help musicians execute a crowd-sourcing campaign to help pay for it all and give them a platform to have their video seen and heard. Groovebox offers a real network for independent artists who are trying to get noticed in today’s crazy music business. Not only do Jeff and Shawn really know what they’re doing, they’re really nice guys who make all the parts of this process a pleasure.

To give us a real feel for what it’s like to record at GrooveBox, Jeff and Shawn offered to do a session with the band I play in. Needless to say, we totally jumped at the chance and even invited friends and fans down like they do in the real sessions. When all was said and done, we learned a lot, had a blast and discovered yet another cool thing happening in Detroit. I’m not sure how much of a groove we laid down, but if Jeff and Shawn find it, I’m sure they’ll put it in a box for us.