Grocer’s Daughter Chocolate

UTR-Webmaster Episode 401

(231) 326-3030
12020 S. Leelanau Hwy., Empire, MI 49630

It’s kinda hard to say, but if you’re into chocolate, it’s real easy to love!

It’s the funky green building that grabs your eyes, but when you go inside, it’s the aromas that’ll melt your mind. That’s because DC Hayden and Jody Dotson are making incredible, handcrafted, all natural chocolates. They love what they do and where they are, and they love sharing their chocolates with the world. Not only is all the chocolate there amazing (the hand-dipped truffles are to die for), the work environment DC and Jody have created is wonderful. The staff is one big caring and collaborative family with a single mission: to have fun and make the best darn all natural chocolates in the galaxy.

And at Grocer’s Daughter Chocolates, not just the building is green. They go out of their way to minimize their impact on the environment. Their chocolates are organic and contain naturally grown ingredients. They even package their chocolates in compostable bags and recyclable/recycled materials when possible. Did I mention that they are also the nicest people EVER!

So if you’re looking for a classic little Michigan town where you can kick back, enjoy the views, feel the love and taste some incredible chocolates, roll into Empire, roll out your beach towel and stop by Grocer’s Daughter Chocolates. It’s proof positive that the Leelanau Peninsula is a sweet place to be.