Green Dot Stables

UTR-Webmaster Episode 313

(313) 962-5588
2200 W. Lafayette, Detroit, MI 48216

I was told that if you want a really good gourmet slider hamburger at a great price, you need to go to Green Dot Stables in Detroit. Now if something seems very wrong with that statement, believe me, once you go there, it will all seem very right. That’s because there are no horses or jockeys at Green Dot Stables. There are just hip Detroit foodies enjoying an array of little gourmet burgers filled with incredibly fresh and tasty ingredients. From the Cuban and Korean burgers to the gyro and even the mystery meat burger, this place rocks. They’re little and inexpensive, so try a handful with your favorite Michigan brew.

Jacques Driscoll is the owner and the man with the plan to make gourmet food not only affordable but easy to hold. He saw a need, found this funky, old, iconic Detroit eatery, kept the strange name and retro ambiance and started serving sliders. It’s cooky, clean, comfortable and casual, and it totally works. Chef Les Molnar is Jacques culinary coconspirator, and he’s a big part of the reason these little gourmet sliders take your taste buds to infinity and beyond. Everything is fresh and prepared with great care.

Word of mouth on Green Dot Stables has been extraordinary in this area, and now we know where all the mouths are coming from. The day we were there, the place was packed with all kinds of people enjoying all kinds of sliders. I also love the atmosphere at Green Dot. It’s almost like you’re in your buddy’s rec-room having a beer and burger with all your best friends.

So if you like friendly people, lots of Michigan brews, a horse theme and your gourmet food in the form of a slider (and who doesn’t?) giddy up on down to Green Dot Stables. It’s so weird… it’s wonderful!