Grand Traverse Distillery

UTR-Webmaster Episode 105

(231) 947-8635
781 Industrial Circle, Traverse City, MI 49686

Did you know that one of the top six rated vodkas in the world is made in Traverse City? I’ll drink to that (responsibly of course). In a totally unassuming location just south of town is a little place called Grand Traverse Distillery, and they’re making heads turn around the world with their True North Vodka.

Kent Rabish is the man behind the still, and his mission is to end our dependence on foreign alcohol. He went on vacation a few years ago, tasted some great vodka and said, “I can do that.” Now his vodka’s aroma, flavor and finish are winning multiple gold medals in competitions everywhere. Here’s the best part: all the wheat, rye and corn he uses in the process are grown within seventy-five miles of the distillery. Home grown potent potables, yes!

Even though True North Vodka has made a huge splash around the planet, Kent is now producing incredible whiskies, gin and even rum. He set out to change the perception that fine spirits are only produced overseas, and he’s done exactly that. Not only can you purchase his awesome adult beverages at the distillery, they’re showing up in retail locations everywhere, so keep an eye out. Kent Rabish is a Michigan man, using Michigan resources to make a Michigan product to sell to Michiganders in Michigan. My kinda guy!