Graceland Fruit

UTR-Webmaster Episode 802

(800) 352-7181
1123 Main St, Frankfort, MI 49635

Since 1973 Graceland Fruit has been drying Michigan’s best and sharing it with the entire planet.

They pretty much perfected the process … so no matter the month, you can munch on a mouthful of some of your favorite fruit.

Al DeVore is the CEO here at Graceland, so he’s just the guy to get us goin.

I’ve been eating dried fruit for years. I just didn’t realize so much of it came from right here in our own back yard.

So, next time you enjoy some dried fruity goodness … just hold up your right palm and look up near the end of your little finger … cuz that’s where Graceland is … and that’s probably where it came from.