GR Bagel

UTR-Webmaster Episode 612

(616) 259-9699
423 Norwood Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506

You know on UTR … when it comes to awesome edibles, we’ll do almost anything … even if it means getting up at something called 3 a.m. So, the next morning we set out all bright eyed and bushy tailed in search of sustenance.

Some men quest for fame and fortune … other men quest for discovery and adventure … but, you’re about to meet a man who’s quest was … to build a better bagel ??? What time is it anyway?

Actually, it’s time to make the bagels … so we grabbed our gear and shuffled inside to meet Rene Pascal Kalter, a man who believes a bagel isn’t bona fide … unless you boil it first. And at GR Bagel, he and Lisa Barhydt are determined to show the entire world why.

Ya know, Bagels may have been the beginning of this popular place, but now they even serve up cookies, rolls, scones and some for the best breakfast sandwiches this side of lunch … all awesome … and all organic.

A lotta people miss their calling in life … but not Rene … he found it, boiled it, baked it … and made a better bagel out of it. And all you have to do is go to GR Bagel and eat it … so to speak.

So let’s face it …. Grand Rapids really “is” your kinda town … so, what are you waiting for … some TV show host to tell you to come here … that’ll never work !! (wink) Ding !

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