Good Girls Go to Paris

UTR-Webmaster Episode 110, Episode 309

(313) 664-0490
15 E. Kirby St., Detroit, MI 48202

Our first stop in Detroit was in Midtown at a place called Good Girls Go to Paris, and if you like to eat, you’re in for a real treat at this place. About four years ago, on a dream and a dollar, Torya Schoeniger opened the doors, and now Good Girls has become one of the coolest places to chow downtown. Her specialty is crepes and she has one for just about every appetite, from sweet to savory.

While we were there Torya tried to teach me how to make a crepe, and I have to tell you, it’s nowhere near as easy as it looks. She has an amazing menu of crepes all named after close friends of hers. Even though Torya and I are now good friends, I don’t think you’ll see my mangled masterpiece on the menu anytime soon.

At Good Girls you’ll see all kinds of people from all across Southeast Michigan enjoying crepes, each other’s company and all the innovative new businesses that are springing up in the Midtown area. It’s a great sight to see, and it’s talented, positive and motivated people like Torya who are helping lead the Detroit renaissance. Her crepes alone are worth a trip to the Motor City.

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