Geoff Hudson

UTR-Webmaster Episode 303

Geoff Hudson is what you might call a resident hipster in Grand Rapids. He’s a Musician, a DJ, a tech guru and an amateur historian who’s keeping a lot of Grand Rapids’ history alive. Especially the 80s. We had a great time reminiscing with Geoff because he is the ultimate off-beat 80s expert. If it happened in the 80s, you can bet he’s got a replica, photo or recording of it. He keeps in touch with other likeminded 80s enthusiasts on his blog.

I don’t know what was more fun, clubbing with Geoff (aka DJ Jef Leppard) at the Pyramid Scheme or toolin’ around Grand Rapids in his sweet vintage Pinto ‘cruiser’ Wagon (complete with back bubble windows). Yeah, Geoff may still be cooler than me, but at least I’m cooler now that I’ve met him.

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