Gaylord City Elk Park

UTR-Webmaster Episode 608

E. Grandview Gaylord,MI 49735

You know … I’d never even heard of this herd … but now that I have … I “have” to show it to you. Shhh … I think they heard me.

The Pigeon River State Forest just northeast of Gaylord is home to the only free-range elk herd in the entire Midwest. And, part of that herd is maintained and cared for at the Gaylord City Elk Park just south of town. This is a great place to get out of your car and get up close and personal with these massive and majestic mammals.

When you’re feeding large animals like this … you really have to know what you’re doing. So since I don’t have a clue … I decided to feed a different variety …

Well, now that you’ve heard of this herd … you should really head to the City Elk Park and have a look.

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