Frankenmuth Dog Bowl

UTR-Webmaster Episode 320

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Usually in Frankenmuth, beer and chicken are man’s best friends… but not the weekend we were there. That’s because that weekend Frankenmuth went to the dogs. It was the seventh annual Dog Bowl, and it’s the nation’s largest Olympics-style event for dogs. Every Memorial Day weekend thousands of humans from across the globe bring their best furry friends to compete in almost every canine event imaginable.

This incredibly fun event was started by the Zehnder family and features just about every breed and event imaginable. What really amazed us was the fact that there were somewhere around three thousand dogs at the event, and we never heard so much as a growl. Good dogs!

Dog Bowl features everything from agility courses, sheep herding and costume contests to doggy disc and aquatic jumping competitions. They even have a huge pet parade and crown the annual canine king and queen. I honestly don’t know who has more fun at Dog Bowl, the people or the dogs. As for us, we’re total dog lovers, so we had a blast.

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