UTR-Webmaster Episode 302, Episode 505

(989) 799-0111
422 Hancock St., Saginaw, MI 48602

The locals told us that if you want a seat with your meal at Fralia’s, you gotta get there early because it fills up quick. They also told us that if you like great food, this is the food to fill up on.

High school sweethearts Jennifer and Adam Bolt own, operate and orchestrate this finer diner. If you’re looking for a hip place where they put heart and soul into some great sandwiches, this is it. Everything is fresh, from scratch and made with an artistic and creative twist. Adam was an art major who started cooking for his college roommates, dove into the culinary arts and hasn’t looked back since.

Fralia’s is the place where people meet, eat and exchange ideas in Saginaw. Jennifer and Adam’s philosophy is simple, “Serve fresh, creative food from the heart, and creative and caring conversation will follow.” And it’s working. There really is a positive vibe about this place that makes you feel like you belong.

So if you want a whole community rolled up in a killer sandwich, frequent Fralia’s. That’s what the rest of Saginaw does.