Fowling Warehouse

UTR-Webmaster Episode 609

(313) 264-1288
3901 Christopher St, Detroit, MI 48211

Do you like football? Do you like Bowling? Do like to make up strange new words … Well, have I got a fun filled new sport for you. It’s called Fowling. That’s right a combination of football and bowling … and here in Detroit at the Fowling Warehouse they have everything you need to turn this crazy sport into your new favorite pastime.

You’ll actually find the Fowling Warehouse in the city of Hamtramck … and even though I am a bit of a knucklehead … they did eventually let me in.

Chris Hutt is Detroit’s founding father of fowling … if it wasn’t for him … heck … we’d be standing on an empty warehouse right now.

After a quick lesson from Chris … and a few feeble fowls … I suddenly decided (in my own mind) … I WAS FANTASTIC … so I decided to reach out and befriend some fellow fowlers …

Fowling is a fun, safe and extremely social sport. I even figured out a quick way to meat almost everyone on the lanes, all at once.

There is no way you can not have fun doing this … (if that even makes sense) it’s great exercise and a great way to meet new people.

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