Fork in the Road

UTR-Webmaster Episode 301

(517) 580-3556
2010 W. Saginaw St., Lansing, MI 48915

All that touring the capitol made us hungry, so we found a place at the fork in the road that’s called, well, Fork in the Road. This place is much more than just a restaurant; it’s where farm meets fork and the community meets to share a common philosophy about food.

The guys responsible for all this enthusiasm and adulation are Jesse Hahn and Benny Blanco Ackerman. These two young guys turned humble beginnings into one of Lansing’s most talked about eateries. The cult following of healthy and tasty food lovers they’ve assembled is extraordinary.

It all started with a traveling food trailer they would tow to key locations around town, park and serve their fresh fare. What did they name it? “Trailer Park” of course. Now they’ve got Fork in the Road, a full brick and mortar monument to food sourced locally and served in cool and creative ways I wish I’d thought of.

Jesse and Benny cook what they like to call “slow food.” Everything is from scratch, and these guys are on a first name basis with the growers who supply them. The menu is fun, funny and full of fantastic food.

If you’re tired of the same old, same old, take a trip to Fork in the Road and see what a real commitment to real food tastes like. We tasted it… a lot… and we liked it… a lot!