Food Dance

UTR-Webmaster Episode 317

(269) 382-1888
401 E. Michigan Ave., Kalamazoo, MI 49007

Well, I’d heard of the moon dance, the victory dance and even the enchanting Under the Sea dance… but “Food Dance”… now that’s one I was willing to learn!

Don’t worry guys, this segment’s not about dancing, because Food Dance is actually a restaurant. That’s right, we went there to eat! If you’re looking for who helped invent the whole farm-to-fork movement here in Michigan, Julie Stanley just might be your mother of invention. She’s been serving fresh and buying locally since way before it was cool. The restaurant is also seasonal. So when something is out of season, you miss it and absolutely love it when it comes back.

Julie is a locavore and believes in enjoying foods that are sourced locally, which to a locavore means no farther than fifty to one hundred miles away. That ensures the foods are fresh and more nutritious. It also makes sure you’re supporting the local agricultural economy.

The restaurant also has a very unusual atmosphere. Cool art, great murals and even an artistically recreated giant stand of corn stalks that take you from one dining room to the next. If you look closely, you’ll even see food fairies lurking about.

People from far and wide put Food Dance on their dance card because of the great food and the exceptionally artistic atmosphere. And our tummies dance all through dinner, so if you can’t dance, don’t worry about it. At Food Dance, they’ll do all the dancing for you. And believe me, they know a step or two!

You know, sometimes your bartender can be the wisest person in your life, and when we were in Kalamazoo, we met one whose mantra is, “Eat, Drink, and Be Michigan.” Sounds pretty wise to me!

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