Fireside Inn

UTR-Webmaster Episode 611

(989) 595-6369
18730 Fireside Hwy, Presque Isle, MI 49777

You know, on this show we’re always looking for cool places to stop, stay, eat and play … well, up here in Presque Isle … we found a family owned place that’s been making great vacation memories for over a century.

On the eastern shores of beautiful Grand Lake and only a stone’s throw from Lake Huron sits the Fireside Inn. And when you drive into this place … you instantly become one with the natural surroundings. From its classic rustic main lodge to the comfortable, cozy cabins offered here … everything you need to kick back, unwind and have some serious fun is at your disposal.

Terry and Allen are two of the Vanschotens who keep the tradition of this great inn, in tact.

Need to get away? Well, a great way to do it is with earth, wind and the Fireside Inn in Presque Isle … It’s got all the elements you need to create some awesome Michigan memories.

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