Ernie’s Market

UTR-Webmaster Episode 316, Episode 505

(248) 541-9703
8500 Capital St., Oak Park, MI 48237

Next, we went to Oak Park to meet a guy I guarantee you will love, or my name ain’t Baby. When you walk into Ernie’s Market, you can’t help but feel the love, because for decades Ernie’s been at the heart of this neighborhood, and for good reason: he fills your tummy and feeds your soul. Also, be prepared to take on a new identity, because the second you walk in, your name will instantly be changed to “Baby,” because that’s Ernie’s endearing term for all he meets.

At Ernie’s, it’s all about two things: feeling good about yourself and a good sandwich for a great price, and people come from far and wide for both. They say you should never eat anything bigger than your head, but at Ernie’s, if you get a #6, get ready to smash that rule. And, if you’ve never been to Ernie’s before, you can’t get your sandwich cut in half. As Ernie says, “If it’s your first time, you gotta fight it, Baby!”

Ernie truly is a bigger-than-life, one-in-a-million personality who makes even bigger deli sandwiches to order. His place is simple, real and takeout only. Everyone in the neighborhood knows Ernie and he knows them. His philosophy is that people in a community should help each other, watch over each other and care about where they live. The bonus with Ernie is that you get a great sandwich while he’s caring about you.

If you do go to Ernie’s, get ready to be called Baby. Get ready for a man with more positive energy than the sun with a smiley face painted on it. And get ready for a sandwich that will most likely hold you until tomorrow. Believe me, until you meet this extraordinary man, you won’t know what you’re missing. Now, what do you want on your sandwich, Baby?