Episode 310: "Hey Buddy, Can I Get a Ride"

Chelsea, Harbor Springs

On this episode of Under The Radar Michigan, we’re in charming Chelsea for a café that really cares about the planet. We’ll also meet the actual hair of the dog … eat at a Common Grille that’s not so common … and find out where all those little blue boxes come from. Then, we head north to Harbor Springs for incredible cookies my mom “didn’t” make … a pizza place named “Turkey’s” … an incredible tunnel of trees … and a place that came right out of a fairytale (but, this fairytale serves great Polish food and draft beer … bonus) It’s all right here in Michigan ... and right here on UTR.

Jiffy Mix / Chelsea Milling
What do you get when you mix flour, eggs, sugar and salt…another great Michigan company. The Chelsea Milling Company is a true American icon. I honestly had no idea that the Jiffy mix our entire country grew up on, was made right here in the heart of downtown Chelsea. For 120 years Howdy Holmes’ family has been bringing quality and affordable baking mixes to the masses all around the world.

201 W. North St. Chelsea, MI 48118

Ugly Dog Disterillery
This dog ain't ugly. He's got personality and his owner makes some pretty mean vodka on all his hommade equipment. What a great story born from friends sitting around a campfire and a pooch for a mascot!


14495 N. Territorial Chelsea, MI 48118

Turkey's Pizza
If you like pizza topped with history, community “and” special sauce...you’re gonna love Turkey’s. Even though Turkeys Café is known for their excellent pizza...they also serve a ton of other great edibles...it’s where the locals go to connect, and share good food. Turkey’s is also known for how much owner Jeff Graham knows about this great community.

250 E Main St. Harbor Springs, MI 49740

Legs Inn
The historic Legs Inn is literally like something you’d see in a fairy tale … but, a fairytale where they serve great Polish food and draft beer … bonus! It’s stone on the outside, hand crafted wood on the inside … and probably one of the coolest places you’ll ever step into. George Smolak’s and his family have been the Legs Inn keepers for four generations now.

6425 North Lake Shore Dr. Cross Village MI 49723

Back to the Roots Coffee, Sushi, Café, Tea, Clothing
It’s a coffee shop, wrapped around a sushi bar, within a tea room, built around a clothing shop, that makes sandwhiches with a gallery thrown in just in case you get bored. Back to the Roots is the retail version of a Tur-Duck-En! On top of it all, they use their profits to enact social change; helping the to rescue and restore the vulnerable. We loved it!

115 S Main St. Chelsea, MI 48118

Common Grill
Nothing Common about the Common Grill. Craig Common's approach to food has been attracting people to Chelsea for 2 decades. Get ye to Chelsea toot sweet.

112 S Main St. Chelsea, MI 48118

Tom's Mom's Cookies
You know, my mom used to make cookies for me all the time … and they were pretty good … but, I don’t remember her having a store in Harbor Springs. Tom’s Mom’s Cookies are award winning, homemade cookies that are made right in this little house in Harbor Springs and shipped literally around the world. If you’re looking for a big cookie that tastes like my mom used to make … you’ve come to the right little place.

267 S. Spring St. Harbor Springs, MI 49740

Tunnel of Trees - M-119
The Tunnel of Trees is beautiful, 20 mile stretch of road that takes you from Harbor Springs north to historic Cross Village. And, even though the road’s covered by a thick canopy of trees, you occasionally get these breathtaking views from high atop bluffs that overlook Lake Michigan. It’s a uniquely Michigan experience that’ll totally remind you why you live here.

M119 Harbor Springs, MI 49737