Episode 307: "Wanna See a Trick?"

Marshall, Colon, Grand Haven

On this episode of Under The Radar Michigan, we start things off in two of Michigan’s most magical towns … Marshall and Collon. But, before we pull a rabbit out of our UTR hat, (you know us … were always hungry) we settle into Schuler’s Restaurant in Marshall for classic Michigan meal. Then we head down the street to The American Museum of Magic for more magic than you can waive a wand at. Next we celebrate the 75th anniversary of Colon being the official magic capital of the world. And ... if that’s not enough … we head for one of Michigan’s best beach communities Grand Haven. We’ll visit a shop that will take you back to the old country … a place where long boards will give you “smoking mad love” … and stay at a Harbor House. All right here in Michigan ... and right here on UTR.

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Schulers Restaurant
In the restaurant business, they say you’re only as good as your last meal … well at Schullers … they’ve been saying it, right here in Michigan, for 103 years … and from what I hear, they haven’t been wrong yet. When it comes to fine restaurants … Schulers is an institution here in Michigan. For over 100 years this restaurant has been a benchmark for quality and hospitality … with an emphasis on local and fresh. Hans Schuler comes from a long line of people who understand what a meal out, really means to most people. So, if you’ve heard of Schulers, and their incredible attention to quality, atmosphere and hospitality … you’re halfway there. To get the rest of the way there … you’ll probably need your car.

115 South Eagle St. Marshall, MI 49068

The Marshall Carriage Company
The Marshall Carriage Company is a great way to see the town.

203 W. Michigan Ave. Marshall, MI 49068

Fortino's Italian Market
Fortino’s, they’re right downtown Grand Haven, and this is authentic old world shopping done ... well, like they do back in the old country. For four generations Margaret Michlitsch and her family have been serving up a little bit of Italy ... and a lot of personality.

114 Washington St. Grand Haven, MI 49417

Harbor House Inn
We had a great time in Grand Haven … and we’ll be back for sure ... but sadly, it was time to move on. But before we did, we stopped at the beautiful Harbor House Inn. This place is quite a sight to see, and it’s right downtown with great views of the waterfront. But why are we here, if we’re leaving town you ask … well, we had to pick up our Director Eric Tremonti … you see, he got the last room here last night … but I wasn’t upset … he deserves it.

114 S Harbor Dr. Grand Haven, MI49417

The American Museum of Magic
Now, if you watch our show … you know that we do a lot of TV magic … so I thought wouldn’t it be cool if we actually went to The American Museum of Magic. If you’re into magic, history … or you just want an incredibly cool place to hang out for a while … This is the place … it’s the American Museum of Magic, and yes … it’s right here in Marshall Michigan.

107 E. Michigan Ave. P.O. Box 5 Marshall, MI 49068

The Fab Magic Company
Our host for the day was Rick Fisher … he owns The Fab Magic Company here in Colon … and when it comes to Magic … this guy knows every trick in the book.
Magic Week July 31 - August 3 2013

212 E State St. Colon, MI 49040

Smokin' Mad Lovin
Let me ask you something, are you bored with your present life? Well, if you are, you wont be bored for long once you try a long board! This place is called, that’s right, Smoking Mad Love … it’s owned by Blair Butterworth and her husband Jon Butler. Their energy and ideas are putting Grand Haven on the map for long-boarders around the world.

5 North Seventh St. Grand Haven, MI 49417