Episode 213: "Fasten your seatbelts...Let's get'er done"


On this action packed episode of Under The Radar Michigan, we take you “up close and personal” to six of Michigan’s wildest and most funnest festivals. Michigan has so many fantastic festivals, that picking just six was a real challenge … But, I think you’ll like what we came up with … So, here we go. Grab some cotton candy, a corn dog, and get ready to … sample frosty, cold, adult malted beverages and Michigan’s largest beer festival … find out why a town being full of bologna is actually a good thing … watch over 80,000 motorcycles invade a single city … eat a cheeseburger in paradise … put on your favorite flannel (just make sure it’s red) … and see all your new favorite bands at a festival that’ll rock your socks off. It’s the UTR Michigan Festivals Special.

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Yale Bologna Festival - July 26-28, 2013
All my life people have been telling me I’m full of bologna...finally, a chance for me to fit in. We're at The Bologna Festival in Yale, MI. For three days every July, this small town of 2,000 turns into 20,000 bologna lovin party-goers. And Yale we discovered, is a great Michigan town!

212 S Main St. Yale, MI 48097

Red Flannel Festival - October 5, 2013
This festival has people seeing Red...and a lot of it. It's the Cedar Springs Red Flannel Festival and it celebrates all things Flannel...as long as you're wearing Red!

(PO Box 43) 21 E Maple St Cedar Springs, MI 49319

Cheeseburger in Caseville - August 9-18 2013
In 1999, The Cheeseburger in Caseville Festival started with a handful of people who loved Jimmy Buffet tropical tendency to kick back and relax with a great cheeseburger...well, now for 10 days every summer...Caseville becomes “Key North”, and this beautiful little town of 8,000 hosts almost a quarter million people from around the world who love Buffet, burgers and beach wear.

6632 Main Street (PO Box 122) Caseville, MI 48725

Muskegon Bike Time - July 18-21, 2013
You know I’ve always wanted a motorcycle...but truth is...my legs are just to darn skinny to hold one up...but that doesn’t mean I can’t still have fun at Bike Time!!! We came to Muskegon to experience an event they have here every summer called Bike Time. It’s only 5 years old, yet it’s now the fastest growing motorcycle event in the country. Get this...35,000 motorcycles, from 38 states, and over 90,000 people converge on Muskegon...for one thing and one thing only...the love of motorcycles.

Main Street — Downtown Muskegon, MI

Metro Times Blowout - April 25-27, May 2-4 2013
If you’re looking for the largest local music festival in all of North America...there’s only one placed to go...Hamtramk Michigan. Now in it’s 15th year, Blowout is put on by one of the country’s hippest alternative newspapers, The Detroit Metro Times. It’s North America’s largest local music festival, and an incredible feat to put together.

733 St. Antoine Detroit, MI 48226

Ypisilanti Summer Beer Festival - July 26-27, 2013
Now, what would a Michigan festival special be without a good old fashioned beer festival...quite honestly, I just wouldn’t have it. So, we’re at the 14th Annual Summer Beer Festival at Depot Town – Riverside Park, in beautiful Ypsilanti Michigan. It’s the oldest and largest beer festival in the state. Thousands of beer lovers come here to taste over 300 different beers from more than 50 different Michigan breweries. Now, we’re gonna be drinking a lot of beer today for two very important reasons...first it’s very hot, and we’ll need to keep hydrated. The second reason...hey...it’s beer!!! If you’re into beer, this is definitely the festival to be at. It’s the largest Beer Festival in the state and people come from far and wide to sample Michigan’s best brews.


Riverside Park - Depot Town, Ypsilanti